Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Ice Hotel | An Amazing Northern Lights Holiday Destination

The first of its kind, the Ice hotel located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is open each year between December and April. The entire hotel including the glasses in the bar is made of either ice blocks or snow taken from the Torne River. This Ice hotel offers its visitors captivating rooms that adjoin art installations, and each room is intricately and independently carved out of ice. People who stay here can enjoy a lot of different activities including cross-country skiing and husky sledding. They are both fun and thrilling and will undoubtedly amount to an experience of a lifetime!
If you are looking to visit Sweden on your next trip or family vacation, here is why the Ice Hotel is a must-stay place for the duration of your holiday!
The hotel is situated in the village of Jukkasjärvi some 200 Km (125 miles) above the Arctic Circle. During the extreme winter temperatures, it can go down to as low as -45° C. The Ice hotel is undoubtedly a product of the unique environment that is present at the place.
The ice hotel holds a one-of-a-kind and temporary beauty that doesn’t fail to mesmerize its visitors as it’s rendered new each year from ice blocks and snow. The entire building quivers with color. The independent rooms are entirely insulated from noises with the help of compacted snow, offering a quiet and cozy accommodation. It is an extraordinary development that needs to be applauded and appreciated for all its beauty and technical thought.
Amenities and service:
Due to the seasonal operation of the Ice Hotel, it’s hard to maintain experienced personnel in the hotel for long-term. Hence, even though the staffis kind and young, many are newbies to the field. Guests paying additional rates are allowed to enjoy snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice driving, husky sledding, and much more.The hotel also has a bar offering various drinks, a restaurant with delicious food, sauna for dry or wet heat sessions, and Wi-Fi for Internet purposes.
It can be challenging to sleep in one of the hotel’s ice rooms as it’s kept between -5°C and -8°C throughout the day and night. However, the decent sleeping bags which are retained upon a reindeer pelt and soft chilled pillows will put you to sleep in no time. Additionally, the hotel also has chalets and traditional rooms.
Food and Drinks:
The guests can feast in either the main Ice hotel restaurant or the Homestead. You can expect basic lunches or snacks like a cinnamon roll or pieces of pork blazed over an open fire. The main restaurant has something called an ‘ice menu’ that serves dishes on blocks of ice. Not a huge culinary place to dine, but it is enough for your stay at the hotel.
The ice rooms can vary from 3,060 SEK (£278) in low season to 5,960 SEK (£542) in high season. The “warm” chalets range from 1,725 SEK (£157) in low seasonto 2,700 SEK (£245) in high season.

A Perfect Northern Lights Holiday Destination!

Overall, this Ice Hotel in Sweden offers everything you can expect from its kind. It provides late outings in search of the Northern Lights, which can be a much-localized event, and guests can choose between a howling dog sled team and a snowmobile.

This hotel is a unique concept that draws people from far and near! The ice and snow theme is versatile and a balm for the eyes as well as the soul. Add Northern Lights to the mix, and you get a killer combination!

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